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On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 4:46 PM, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:

>  I've come across regular filling stations without a roof. Somewhere in
> Scotland.. on a Sunday .. no one there but a credit card reader so I could
> get fuel.
> Others in Australia .. White Cliffs,  Warburton, Docker River, Laverton, Carnegie Station and many others.
> The existence of a roof does not identify a 'regular filling station' to me.
> Same, though my case was on the job.  There's a lot of filling stations in
Oklahoma and Kansas, particularly in less traveled and/or more arid
regions, that don't have a roof (and often don't have highway facing price
signage, or if it does, it's old enough that it predates prices exceeding a
dollar; in either case, if you need to ask how much gas is, you don't need
gas that bad).  This last winter saw a lot of water lines burst in Tulsa
and Oklahoma City, which if the break happened near a gas station, it
probably flooded the roof to the point of structural collapse.  In the case
of independent stations (or some of the less common, smaller brands like
Marathon or Sunoco), the station reopened as soon as the wreckage of the
old roof was removed, and there's no plans to rebuild the roof.

Tangent: I know there's a number of these in Tulsa and I've not mapped
these yet mostly out of situational blindness, as I'm strongly inclined to
shop for gas exclusively on price first and availability of what I want for
lunch or breakfast, which generally means I'm stopping at QuikTrip (one
could really seriously detail map these with bike parking, car parking,
restrooms, as a fast food amenity (if it's also a QT Kitchens location),
air compressor, truck parking (at the larger ones), etc, and often have
more to offer than some small town grocery stores.
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