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Ah, Jan, you added too many conditions! The majority of campgrounds United
States parks are not guarded, and almost never fully staffed. The larger
parks have someone at the gate to collect money, but they do not "guard"
the campers Most of the parks in Alaska work on the honor system: uoip ut
your money in the receptacle and in return get a receipt to show the
authorities. .There is usually a ranger station nearby that might send a
car out to patrol the campground, usually to check the date on your
reservation, but other than that they are almost invisible. Hot showers are
a luxury and a few camp_sites have them, most do not.

I dunno how to bridge this gap in our perceptions of these campgrounds.

Rather than stating these sorts of things as a minimum requirement, let
them be mentioned as optional

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 6:30 PM, Jan van Bekkum <jan.vanbekkum at gmail.com>

> I have renamed "commercial" to "standard" as it is the most common
> campground and can include campgrounds that have all facilities of a
> privately run campground, but are run by a government body (like the South
> African parks). I also added details to the description of this category of
> campground (definition and examples).
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