[Tagging] Tagging established, unofficial and wild campings

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Tue Mar 24 08:16:14 UTC 2015

I object to any mapping, let alone tagging, of “Wild Camp” sites.  By mapping these places they will become overused and therefore no longer “Wild”.

If it's in a country where Wild Camping is legal then the area will be abused and damaged, if it's in a country where Wild Camping is illegal then it's encouraging trespass.

First rule of Wild Camping is you don't talk about Wild Camping, well at least don't publish it on the Internet!

If the only definition of such a camp site is that you can put a tent on it then every few metres will get mapped.

You can't map the absence of something.

Stick to defining organised campsites, do not try to bring order to  something that by it's very nature is disk-organised.



From: Jan van Bekkum
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To: Tag discussion, strategy and related tools, Dave Swarthout

Looking at the current definition of tourism=caravan_site it is very close to what I had in mind with camp_site=designated.

So the updated proposal would become:

Designated - standard, designated (duplication of tourism=caravan_site), trekking in the current proposal; to be refined with attribute tags
Non-designed - as proposed
New main tag tourism=wild_camp_site
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