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> On Mar 29, 2015, at 10:44 PM, Jan van Bekkum <jan.vanbekkum at gmail.com> wrote:
> I decided not to include the scout camp, because it then still might be confused with a place where ordinary campers can stay (like is the case with all options in the proposal). After the long discussion I have tried to keep the proposal as clean and simple as possible. I hope someone else will stand up to kick off the camp_site=* proposal for facility levels.
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> > On 30/03/2015 10:14 AM, David Bannon wrote:
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> >> I note you did not do 'scout camp' on there. Its equally specialised but
> >> a different special I think ?? Hmm….

My personal experience with a summer YMCA camp many decades ago and more recently looking at some Girl Scout, Boy Scout and church affiliated “camps” in the forest where I do some volunteer work leads me to think that many are a whole different thing. For example, visitors usually come in groups and are often housed in barracks or dormitories. The daily activities of the visitors are planned out and under adult supervision. Rather than have a restaurant I think you’d more likely find a mess hall or cafeteria with fixed menu and dining times, etc.

Probably closer to a military camp (e.g. Camp Pendleton or Camp Roberts in California) in concept than to a place to go by yourself or with a couple of friends or family members to park a caravan/RV or pitch a tent for the night.

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