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Thu Oct 1 00:36:22 UTC 2015

Anyway, we agree that Lake Eyre does not fill seasonally, we agree it 
does fill intermittently (but maybe disagree on "full", not important).

"seasonal" may be a good qualifier for a lake that depends on the 
seasons and responds to the season cycle most times around. But thats 
not intermittent IMHO. I don't think "intermittent" and "seasonal" go 
well together.


On 01/10/15 10:16, Warin wrote:
> On 1/10/2015 8:49 AM, David Bannon wrote:
>> On 30/09/15 21:28, Warin wrote:
>>> ......
>>> Well if you want to have lake Eyre 'qualify' for the tag 'intermittent'
>>> .....
>>> But if you want to see Lake Eyre full .. 'typically' that is once 
>>> every 10 years or so...
>>> So to me a full cycle of Lake Eyre in all its 'seasons' would be 
>>> 'typically' 10 years.
>> Warin, I think you will find that Lake Eyre has only 'Filled' three 
>> times since (white man's) records have been kept, 150 years ? Its a 
>> very big place, when water flows in on those ten year cycles, it just 
>> gets a bit damp in one small corner, you could not say thats the 
>> defining cycle for the whole lake.
> 'Full' ... http://www.lakeeyrebasin.gov.au/about-basin/water States 
> the 'typical' inflows ...
> And the yacht club has a graph of the water depth from 1975 ... 
> http://www.lakeeyreyc.com/fldhist.html
>> Does 'intermittent' still apply to a 50 or 100 year cycle ?
> I would say YES!
> I think the OSM wiki is wrong in putting the word "seasonal" as a 
> qualifier to the tag intermittent!
> Seasonal things should be tagged with the tag seasonal!
> In fact I'll be brave and remove the  word! It was looks to be added 
> by Chrabros <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Chrabros>  in 
> April 2014..
> So I have removed the word seasonal from the meaning of intermittent 
> and added a 'common mistakes' section for seasonal things...
> And added my comments to its discussion page.
>> Honestly, the natural state of Lake Eyre is dry. And thats how we 
>> like it !
> Naturally! With the occasional damp bit, and then the rarer wet bit.
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