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On 02/10/2015 08:35, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>> At the moment the 'intermittent' wiki says;
>> In Description:/Indicates that waterway or water body is intermittent (seasonal) /
>> In Key:intermittent:/Or that a water body (lake) disappears seasonally./
>> The use of seasonal here limits it to things that have a yearly cycle.
>> I would rather remove the 'seasonal' references .. something like
>> In Description:/Indicates that waterway or water body is intermittent./  
>> One could add the word/irregular/  or/random/  in brackets if helpfull?
>> In Key:intermittent:/The tag //*intermittent*=yes//is used to indicate that a waterway (river, stream, etc.) or a water 
>> body (lake) has random dry and wet periods./
>> Any 'season' things should be addressed by the key:seasonal.
> +1, likely this will require to check the 927000 objects that 
> currently are tagged as intermittent?

The OED definition of 'intemittent' is 'that intermits or ceases for a 
time; coming at intervals; operating by fits and starts'. To intermit is 
'to cease or stop for a time'.


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