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Instead of trying to translate the words on the signs, why look at what
the relevant laws say. There is only room on the sign for one or two
words, but in the laws which define the signing there will/may be more
detailed definitions of what is meant; these definitions will of course
be country-specific. 

What is the relationship between the German "Anlieger" and
"Anliegerverkehr"? Does the latter mean traffic "owned by a resident",
"going to/from a resident with explicit invitation", or what? If I am
thinking of buying a house on that road and want to take a look, is that

In NL there is "uitgezonderd bestemmingsverkeer" (except for destination
traffic) which sounds clear, but these days there is also "uitgezonderd
aantoonbare bestemming" (except traffic with demonstrable destination).
The latter is not defined (yet) in law, but I guess it is an attempt to
plug a hole in "bestemmingsverkeer" because it is not defined how you
have to justify being "destination traffic." 

Google Translate gives "feeder traffic" for Zubringerverkehr, but that
takes its meaning in a different direction than "destination". 

And the Dutch/Flemish "plaatselijk verkeer" is better translated as
"local traffic"; now what the hell is the (legal) definition of that? 


On 2015-10-06 07:15, Marc Gemis wrote: 

> On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 2:08 AM, Georg Feddern <osm at bavarianmallet.de> wrote:
>> As in
>> - german Anliegerverkehr
>> - swiss Zubringerverkehr
>> - austrian Anrainerverkehr
> And (Flemish) Dutch "aangelanden (verkeer)".  
> We also have the difference between  
> "uitgezonderd plaatselijk verkeer" = "except destination" 
> "uitgezonderd aangelanden" = "except 'visitor'" 
> and I even saw 
> "uitgezonderd bewoners" = "except inhabitants"  
> once on a street. Wonder whether a moving or delivery company would be allowed in the latter case. Or whether someone would try to enforce it in such case. 
> regards 
> m 
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