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2015-10-06 8:47 GMT+02:00 Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl>:

> Instead of trying to translate the words on the signs, why look at what
> the relevant laws say. There is only room on the sign for one or two words,
> but in the laws which define the signing there will/may be more detailed
> definitions of what is meant; these definitions will of course be
> country-specific.
> What is the relationship between the German "Anlieger" and
> "Anliegerverkehr"? Does the latter mean traffic "owned by a resident",
> "going to/from a resident with explicit invitation", or what?

there are some cases that have led to legal clarifications by sentences. It
means you have to want to come into contact with someone living there or
operating her business there.

> If I am thinking of buying a house on that road and want to take a look,
> is that allowed?

If you have an appointment with the proprietor: yes, if you don't, no (my
interpretation). You are not allowed if you want to come into contact with
a house or a vending machine etc., you have to want to come into contact
with a person/business (but they don't have to be there, you may drive into
the area, find out they are not at home and continue to drive without even
leaving your car).

In Italy there are signs that say "except residents" or "residents only",
but these are quite different normally, because it actually isn't
sufficient to be a resident, you also have to apply for a permit once a
year (this permit will not be for you, but for the vehicle, i.e. has a
number plate on it), pay the fee, expose the permit behind the windscreen.
(These procedures and the details may vary from one municipality to
another). These situations I'm usually tagging as motor_vehicle=private
(because of the required explicit permit).

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