[Tagging] Shop values review

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Wed Oct 7 18:26:54 UTC 2015

On 7 October 2015 at 15:58, Daniel Koć <daniel at koć.pl> wrote:
> builder

Not sure what this is used for.

> building_materials

Possibly duplicate with shop=doityourself, not sure though.

> craft

I use this for shops selling coloured paper, glue, knitting supplies etc.

> discount

I use shop=variety_store instead, but some mappers split the two categories.

> energy

Likely used for public-facing offices of energy suppliers, especially
in countries where there is a free energy market so people might
actually be 'shopping' for an energy provider.

> flooring

Makes sense.

> gallery

Lesser used alternative of shop=art.

> games

Makes sense.

> health_food

Lesser used alternative of shop=organic.

> hobby

Similar to shop=craft.

> market

Probably used for market halls. Might be a lesser used alternative of

> phone

Likely most of these should be shop=mobile_phone.

> real_estate

Lesser used alternative of office=estate_agent.

> rental

I would use office=estate_agent for this as well.

> salon

Lesser used alternative of shop=hairdresser.

> shoe_repair

Lesser used alternative of shop=shoemaker.

> tiles

Makes sense, I guess.

> Candidates for deprecating:
> antique - no wiki, mentioned on antiques page so maybe deprecate and propose
> antiques?

Yes, shop=antiques is more popular.

> appliance - wiki redirects to electronics, so maybe deprecate and propose
> electronics instead?


> car_service - maybe car_repair?


> communication - wiki redirects to mobile_phone, so maybe deprecate and
> propose mobile_phone?

No, shop=communication is used for places where you can go to and call
abroad cheaply. Mainly common in places with many immigrants.

> general - deprecate and propose to look for other shop values (like "yes")?

Not sure.

> health - medical_supply?

Likely yes, or shop=organic (or shop=supermarket organic=yes)

> household - houseware?


> interior_decoration - houseware?

No, I use houseware for shops were you can buy practical stuff such as
pots, bins, and brooms, while I use interior_decoration for shops

> office_supplies - stationery?

Likely yes (although people state that shops like Staples also sell
printers etc., and that that goes beyond what a stationery shop would

> printing - copyshop?


> radiotechnics - electronics?
> sewing - maybe tailor?

No, in a sewing shop you can buy threads and needles, in a tailor you
can get your clothes fixed.

> shopping_centre - mall?


> solarium - leisure=tanning_salon?

Agree - apparently solarium is not even an English word.

> souvenir - gift?

No, for example in Amsterdam shops where tourists buy things to take
home are very distinct from shops were people go to buy a present for
a friend they are visiting.

> tanning - leisure=tanning_salon?


> Also organic is deprecated, but I was told that it was made by one person,
> so we should also decide if we support this change or we want to revert it.

Agree, I feel neutral about this.

> What are your propositions?

Thanks for working on this! Very useful to get more clarity in this direction.

-- Matthijs

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