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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Wed Oct 7 18:41:35 UTC 2015

On 06.10.2015 21:41, Florian Lohoff wrote:
> Sorry - no - All of them are *=destination.

Don't be sorry. Think forward. Help find a name for the missing tag.

> If you include them? What would be the legal sign? I know
> of none. You can put up signs which say - "Redheads only on
> mondays" but thats nothing OSM could or should follow.

There are no redheads signs, because they would be discriminating.
There *are* signs for like "only on mondays", and there's an approved
tagging scheme for this:

> Simplification - make it a permissive/private ...

Or reduce all access tags to yes or no.
That's not where OSM is heading to.
Tagging is getting more and more fine-grained.

>> In Austria:
>> Fahrverbot + Zusatztafel "Zufahrt gestattet"
> 	motor_vehicle=customer/destination/permissive/private depending
> 	on use case

What use case? Do you suggest tagging for the renderer?

>> Fahrverbot + Zusatztafel "ausgenommen Ziele in..."
> 	Do you have pictures of something like this?

Don't you believe me? I know for sure that I saw signs with that wording,
but I certainly have no photo. So believe it or not.

You can find similar signs here:

>> "Durchfahrt verboten"
> 	motor_vehicle=destination or vehicle=destination - depends on
> 	what is beeing ment. Might also be a access=private. Varys 
> 	on location and usage.
>> "Durchgang verboten"
> 	access=destination?

Fine. You see that *=destination has a distinctive meaning.

> You need to accept simplification

Yet again, you are arguing towards access=yes/no.

> - there is NO WAY in the world we can
> accurately a) tag all ways with any combination of blurp and make b) all
> data consumers "do the right thing". 

We *can* do (a), your'e just lacking motivation. You won't get us forward
with such a mindset.

I do not care about (b), as that's not a tagging issue.

> A lot of signs in the countryside are complicated but are only
> interesting for locals e.g. the farm 500m away. Why should i tag this

I will answer questions like this when the RFC is out. At the present stage,
I need suggestions for the tag name. Please get back on the topic.

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