[Tagging] Shop values review

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 21:45:25 UTC 2015

On 8/10/2015 12:58 AM, Daniel Koć wrote:
> I was trying to review the shop values we show in osm-carto (top 100 
> according to TagInfo - you can list it by running this Ruby script: 
> https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/blob/master/scripts/shop_values.rb 
> ) and here are my quick findings:
> No wiki page or definition (some of them can be also candidates for 
> deprecating and replacing with something else):
> builder
That would be an office! Remove and redirect?
> building_materials
Caters for both builders and DIY ?
> craft
craft is a separate thing ...
> discount
Of what ? needs a sub tag if it is to be usefull.
> energy
Office! not a shop .. redirect?
> flooring
carpets, rugs, timber, tile, vinyl etc..
> gallery
> games
electronic, board,
> health_food
umm nutritional supplements?
> hobby
?scale models,
> market
No... usually consists of many individual 'shops'.
> phone
> real_estate
> rental
> salon
> shoe_repair
> tiles
> Candidates for deprecating:
> antique - no wiki, mentioned on antiques page so maybe deprecate and 
> propose antiques?
> appliance - wiki redirects to electronics, so maybe deprecate and 
> propose electronics instead?
-1 Appliance might be washing machines, stoves, fridges, air 
conditioners ...  "white goods"
> car_service - maybe car_repair?
-1. A service is the regular change of oil, filters, tune. Repair is 
fixing faults. Some places do both, others specialise.
> communication - wiki redirects to mobile_phone, so maybe deprecate and 
> propose mobile_phone?
-1 CB radios, Satellite phones, land line phone are some other forms of 
So sub tag with the type of communication?
> general - deprecate and propose to look for other shop values (like 
> "yes")?
+1 Sounds good to me - consistent with other tags.
> health - medical_supply?
> household - houseware?
> interior_decoration - houseware?
> office_supplies - stationery?
Think this has been discussed, and office_supplies were more than just 
> printing - copyshop?
> radiotechnics - electronics?
> sewing - maybe tailor? 
-1 A tailor would not supply needles for a sewing machine where as a 
sewing shop would.
> shopping_centre - mall?
A mall or a shopping centre is not a single shop! Redirect to 
> solarium - leisure=tanning_salon?
> souvenir - gift?
> tanning - leisure=tanning_salon?
> Also organic is deprecated, but I was told that it was made by one 
> person, so we should also decide if we support this change or we want 
> to revert it.
> What are your propositions?
At the moment there are a unique set of sub tags under bicycle.. 
unfortunately these are not generic and cannot be applied to other shops ..

I'd like to see a set of generic sub tags suggested ... as an example

sells:motorcycle_parts=Harley_Davidson; Yamaha
repairs=Harley_Davidson; Yamaha
services=Harley_Davidson; Yamaha

The brand tag would be used to identify the primary produce (in this 
case motorcycles) that are sold new, the second hand tag for second hand 
goods ...

Some shops do repairs/services too .. just as the bicycle shops now have 
tags for.

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