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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Thu Oct 8 06:09:45 UTC 2015

On 08.10.2015 07:05, Marc Gemis wrote:
> While this missing tag might be theoretically useful, I wonder how you car
> navigation will benefit from it ?
> Will it start by "Hallo Mary, you want to drive to X street, but there is a
> "people living there and their visitors only access restriction and their
> access restriction" ? Are you going to visit someone there ? Yes / No ?
> No ? Ok I can bring you to street Y instead, but there you need to an
> employee ID for Company Alpha ? Do you have that ? No, sorry, Street Z then.
> But now you have to prove that you are going for a walk there ? Can you ? 
> Or I can take you to Street A, if you let me scan and check a permission
> from the city.
> This seems a little bit too futuristic :-)

Built-in car navigation is dumb by now. Most OSM tags are ignored, such as
all of the tags documented on

Routing engines on the internet, however, can offer a wide range of options.
One option may be "contact with residents". The forms do not need to display
all options at the same time. There may be button to switch on and off
extended options. The options may be grouped into tabs: one tab for vehicle
options, another tab for journey options. You might store several routing
profiles: one for your job as a postman, one for your leisure activities.

I am sure that built-in navigation systems and small navigation devices will
also get more elaborated soon. But it's a matter of supply and demand. If
they aren't supplied with the data, or if customers don't care, the feature
will certainly not be implemented. Will customers care? I hope so. Anyway,
it's not up to us to decide. Our task is to provide correct data.

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