[Tagging] Unmarked opening hours

Holger Jeromin gmane at katur.de
Sun Oct 11 11:55:50 UTC 2015

Michael Reichert <nakaner at gmx.net> Wrote in
> Hi Micha?,
> Am 2015-10-10 um 21:28 schrieb Micha? Brzozowski:
>> In the course of surveys, I fill in opening_hours of shops and other
>> venues. Sometimes though, they are not marked outside. Therefore, when
>> looking at a feature that lacks opening_hours other mappers and I
>> can't tell the reason. I've been thinking of a standardized way of
>> marking such cases, like:
>> opening_hours:status=unmarked
>> which is to be understood that mapper didn't see opening hours
>> displayed outside (but other sources may be available).
> I have been using opening_hours=none for this purpose.
> If the community agrees on my suggestion, we have to fix all those
> validators which show warnings on opening_hours=none.

I would read "none" as: always closed. 
This topic is about: not easy to find on the ground. 


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