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> On Oct 15, 2015, at 4:27 PM, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> wrote:
> Another famous example: Hearst Castle [1]
> I think the "historic" key is correct. 

Hearst castle is definitely historic, its on several historic records. 

My parent's house in California, built in 1922 out of 40cm cut granite stones and mortared together is similarly on our city's historic  list - but it certainly isn't a castle. Even if they put turrets and a moat around it, it still isn't a castle. It is a house. It just looks like a castle. 

Hearst castle is a very imposing and dominating structure. It was styled somewhat as a castle (good imagery in google street view) Hearst was also a powerful figure - but was it a seat of dominance over the land? A home to political power?  A place to defend the leaders from attack? Nope. 

It was just his lavash palace on the coast - there is no town or region to dominate. The spot was chosen for its beauty and isolation. 

It certainly is a historic residence, and is named a castle, but is it really a castle? 

Osm would reflect the "castle" in the name, and its historic and museum qualities in other tags. That should be good enough. 

Otherwise we need a tag for "modern" replicas or castle-esque things or something. 

Every imposing building with the name castle would get the tag =castle then.


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