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>> > importance=*
>> That word is not allowed over in -carto github,  no matter how relevant or useful - like with mountains or regional features that need to shown at varying z levels based on... Importance.
>> In OSM, 30m tall hill and Mt Everest (and all its little named points) are equal - usability and readability of the map be dammed.
> If the height of a mountain define its importante, simply use the 'ele=*' attribute to sort them, no need for another subjective 'importante' tag.

Mt fuji is 20% taller than than Mt Tate in Central Japan. 

It is several orders of magnitude more famous. Not 20%. Have you ever heard of Mt Tate, or the other "100 famous mountains of Japan" besides 3 or 4 active volcanoes in the news? Mt fuji is an internationally recognized symbol. Though just ~800m taller, it is probably the only mountain most people can name from Japan. It should have its icon rendered as soon as the label for Tokyo is rendered - it is arguably as well known. Same with Denali, vesuvius, Everest, Kilimanjaro, The Matterhorn, and other iconic mountains from around the globe. 

Mt Akagi is ~40% shorter than Tateyama. It is also more famous. But not 25% as famous as mount Fuji

your suggestion to use elevation as some substitution for what z level a mountain should have its icon/label shown breaks at the most fundamental level on first attempt of application. 

Please think it through and try again. 

Mt Fuji - 3776m -Internationally iconic. 
Mt Tate ~3000m - regionally famous 
Mt Akagi ~1700m - nationally famous. 

Hill near my house - 25m AGL-  not important.

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