[Tagging] How to tag a "Olive Oil Factory"?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 22:49:14 UTC 2015

On 26/10/2015 4:19 AM, david wrote:
> Hello,
> 	My name is David, and I'm a novel user. I find OpenStreetMap really
> interesting. My user in OpenStreetMap is dlv00003.
> 	I'm sourveying my little village. I'm trying to tag a "Olive Oil
> Factory"(I'm not a english speaker, ¿is this name corret?
> The factory
> takes harvested olives, after a few process, olive oil is produced).I
> have looked for the tag in the wiki. However, I only have found the
> following tag "man_made,works". Is this tag enough?

Depends on what you are tagging ...

The land area the factory occupies can be tagged landuse=industrial or 
commercial depend on how you see it

The building itself can be tagged building=factory - either as an area 
or a single point (node).

You can then add other tags (I call these subtags) for detail
and so on

then there is the proposal for industrial/factory 

You could then add 'new' tags such as 'factory=olive_oil'.
  Rules - use lower case only, try to match any existing tag use or 
proposals and then add your use to the wiki documents.

Good luck.. keep asking questions. The OSM wiki is a reasonable source 
of information.

> Thank you in advanced
> David López Villegas
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