[Tagging] when should highway=centreline be used?

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Wed Oct 28 09:58:05 UTC 2015

On Tue Oct 27 21:01:30 2015 GMT, André Pirard wrote:
> OSM will always surprise me.
> Here in Belgium, what is called the "white line" is of uttermost importance.
> And I suppose in most other countries too.
> I've been looking for it in vain in the wiki and now it surges.
> But, first of all, we must distinguish a striped line, as said above,
> and a continuous white line.
> What I say relates to the continuous line.  That line means:
>   * that overtaking is forbidden
True, but exceptions allow you to overtake slow moving vehicles. 

>   * that turning left is forbidden (for right side driving)
>   * and of course also that U-turn is forbidden
>   * but also that turning left is forbidden when coming from a crossing
Those are both country specific, in the UK you can certainly turn over a solid line.

When driving in France, where tbe rule applies, I did notice that there are lots of breaks by every driveway/minor road to allow turns. This would need some intrecate tagging.
> Hence, it may replace many complicated turn restrictions very simply.
> And instead of "replace", I should say "add" because they're often missing.
As I said above, they rarely apply because there is almost always a break in the line.

> (because making relations is difficult)
> For a simple 2-lane road, it would best be a tag of the highway, not an
> additional line.
> The downside is that it would produce many splits.
A lot...
I never saw a turn that was prevented by a line because there was always a break.

> The most surprising is that it seems to be a one man's tagging
> assimilated to a hedge !!!

Phil (trigpoint)
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