[Tagging] highway=service major type sub-classification - mini vote

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Fri Apr 15 11:40:52 UTC 2016

We had a discussion here in March about introducing a new value for the
service=* sub-tag of a highway=service, classifying it as a generic major
service way category, in contrast to minor values such as
service=parking_aisle or service=driveway or service=drive-through.
Data consumers already make such distinction.


There was support for such a value, but recommendation that its scope should
be wider than just covering parking lot situations.

A mini-vote is now open on the wiki talk page until 2016-May-01:

Values for mini-vote:


Proposed description:

Voluntary sub-tag for a highway=service for distinguishing a major service way
from sub-ordinated ways, or generally classify it into the major category.
Examples are the access way into a parking lot (distinguished from parking_aisle),
or a service way connecting several residential driveways.


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