[Tagging] How to change currently voted on proposal (Bird Tower)?

markus schnalke meillo at marmaro.de
Thu Dec 1 20:40:34 UTC 2016

Hoi community,

we are currently in voting phase for our Bird Tower proposal.


It happens that we are currently receiving comments, which we
would have liked to receive during RFC phase. Well, we don't
mind because these comments are definitly worthwhile, no matter
when they drop in. But this leads us to the problem that we
would like to improve our proposal, motivated by those comments.

Our question is how to change a proposal once we are in voting
phase already?

Let me explain the situation:

We proposed to use
	man_made=mast + tower:type=nesting_site
to tag artificial nesting aids.

There were two comments that the examples for man_made=tower
would be inappropriate. After closer examining the definitions
of tower and mast, we agree and would like to remove or alter
these examples. That shouldn't be a problem, I think.

Furthermore, however, we received the most valuable comment by
sorcrosc that
	man_made=nesting_site + support=pole (or mast, ...)
would be a better tagging. Now that we were pointed to this
tagging, we agree that it is superior, because it not only
allows to distinguish between masts and poles (which was the
topic of the fourth comment we received) but also allows to
tag wall_mounted nesting aids, which are not covered at all
with our currently proposed tagging.

Hence, we would like to generalize the proposal by providing
a more flexible tagging ... but how do we do this?

The change appears to be too large to let the voting continue.
Seems we should abort the vote, change the proposal and start
a new voting phase. (Where do we store the old voting state,
which includes valuable comments?) Unfortunately, the proposal
process wiki page does not seem to give answers for this case.

We would much appreciate to get some advice on how to deal
with this situation.

meillo, for the OSM group UlmerAlb

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