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I will probably reopen an explosive case but I would like to know where 
we are reguarding shop=estate_agent vs office=estate_agent.

On the discussion page for the original proposal 
there is already some debates on this one but because the tag office was 
not yet created, shop has been prefered. And probably also because 
concensus was not strong enought toward office.

Several years after this debate, the wiki page of the approved one 
(shop=estate_agent) have been tagged as "to be merged", both shop and 
office are documented and here are the statistics:

  * office=estate_agent
    (status in use) => 17 227 use
  * shop=estate_agent
    (status approved) => 3 818 use

On editor side both JOSM and ID use office=estate_agent (unofficial) and 
do not recognise shop=estate_agent (official). This will definitively 
not help the approved one to grow.

Consequently it looks like the "in use" one is killing (has already 
killed?) the "approved" one.

=> Is there any ongoing plan to clarify the situation? Any up to date 
discussion page/proposal I did not found yet?

If one ask for my opinion, I would tend to say that we shall not think 
by purpose of the company but by purpose of the place we map (OSM is all 
about mapping right?):

  * a shop is where you can buy something, regardless it is a desk in
    the midddle of a room or nice rows of shelves with products and
    prices. Consequently a "place" at the corner of the street where you
    can enter and buy a real estate would be a shop.
  * an office is where people are working, usually at desks, and are not
    primarily dedicated to wait for customers, welcome them and sell
    products. Consequently, the headquarter of this real estate chain
    (or a building dedicated to an administrative or internal service)
    would be an office.

If everything (selling and administrative) is at the same place, I think 
that shop should be prefered (but one can use both on the same object).

This is like the HQ of a bank or a post company: it's more an office 
than an amenity (and sometimes there is no counter nor ATM inside).

In this scenario shop=estate_agent and office=estate_agent would 
coexist, each one with its own meaning (or another mecanism to 
differenciate an open shop from a limited-access office, both working to 
sell/manage real estates, would be devised). Same principle can be 
applied to insurances, law firms... which are suffering from the same issue.



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