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Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue Feb 2 04:31:40 UTC 2016

Max <abonnements at revolwear.com> writes:

> An art museum is an institution which shows artworks so that the public
> can see them. The artworks are usually by established artists. Shows are
> developed with a concept by curators. Artworks are from the museums
> collection or on loan from other museums, galleries or private
> collectors. The business model of an museum is based on public funding,
> donations and ticket sales. Exhibitions are permanent collections and
> temporary special exhibitions which run for a couple of months.
> Depending on the available space, permanent and temporary exhibitions
> are often simultaneously on display (in different rooms or levels).
> A gallery is showing art to the public. There is the possibility of
> purchase, but it is only a tiny fraction of the audience which actually
> is buying. The works are by artists the gallery represents. Shows are
> designed by the artist (with help or in collaboration with the
> gallerist). Am exhibition consists typically of new work by the artist
> is usually on display for a couple of weeks only. The business model of
> an art gallery is based on the sales from the art. A gallery usually
> gets a cut of up to 50% of the price of the artwork and is doing the
> dealings with the art collector.
> An art shop is selling art(sy things). Visiting without buying is
> possible, just as you may walk through a supermarket without buying
> anything. The artworks are for sale may be more on the craft side
> of the arts. They usually are of decorative nature and not of
> considerable worth on the art market.
> Artworks may end there as second hand goods. The
> producers of these artworks may not even know their work is in the
> shop. There is no special exhibition, concept or theme other than the
> intent of selling the goods.

Most of the discussion participants seem European, so I wanted to chime
in that Max's dividing lines and rationale for these three things seem
100% right to me, as an American who visits Museums, has visited
galleries, sometimes on the invitation of exhibiting artists, and has
exhibited as an artist (photography, hobby).

I find the distinction above between gallery and shop=art to be somewhat
like amenity=cafe and amenity=fast_food.  I get the point about artist
curation in galleries, but in my view the key question is would another
artist consider it the kind of place that usually has proper art, vs a
Thomas Kincaid shop or a place with framed touristy posters, so there is
a significant aspect of a quality dividing line.

There's also a vague notion that works in a gallery are probably on
consignment (owned by the artist until a sale), whereas in a shop=art
they are more likely bought to be inventory.

Finally, there's a fourth entity, sort of, venues that are something
else but also exhibit art.  This happens both commerically an

There is a restaurant near me that has a different artist each month,
with the artist selecting works and hanging them.  Unlike most
galleries, there is no commission; the restaurant owner both wants to
support artists and (I believe) make the restaurant seem connected to
the local art scene to make it more attractive to diners.  Several other
restaurants similarly show art, and I suspect some of them take a

Another type of exhibit venue is a room in a local library that
typically doesn't charge the artist or get involved in sales (the artist
puts up contact information); it's just free exhibit space for the sake
of having more art on display and supporting artists (who are viewed as
worthy of government charity).

In both examples, there is a main thing, restaurant or library, which
happens to have art displayed at least sometimes, but that's a detail.
So they are definitely not tourism=gallery.  They might be
amenity=restaurant gallery=yes, much like wifi=yes.
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