[Tagging] Galleries versus art shops

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Mon Feb 8 23:20:29 UTC 2016

Hi all,

This discussion continues the feature proposal 'Discourage tourism=gallery'.

Most list members seem to agree that, in spite of what the wiki says,
tourism=gallery should not be used for places like the MoMA in New

However, it is still not clear to me whether we should distinguish
shop=art and tourism=gallery.

Max proposed the following definitions:

| A gallery is showing art to the public. There is the possibility of
| purchase, but it is only a tiny fraction of the audience which actually
| is buying. The works are by artists the gallery represents. Shows are
| designed by the artist (with help or in collaboration with the
| gallerist). Am exhibition consists typically of new work by the artist
| is usually on display for a couple of weeks only. The business model of
| an art gallery is based on the sales from the art. A gallery usually
| gets a cut of up to 50% of the price of the artwork and is doing the
| dealings with the art collector.

| An art shop is selling art(sy things). Visiting without buying is
| possible, just as you may walk through a supermarket without buying
| anything. The artworks are for sale may be more on the craft side
| of the arts. They usually are of decorative nature and not of
| considerable worth on the art market.
| Artworks may end there as second hand goods. The
| producers of these artworks may not even know their work is in the
| shop. There is no special exhibition, concept or theme other than the
| intent of selling the goods.

I think these are nice definitions that we could work with. However,
it is quite different from the use of the tags now.

First, the wiki page on currently states for tourism=gallery: 'Private
galleries which are primarily funded by selling the works to visitors
would still be tagged shop=art'. This would imply that Max' galleries
should be tagged shop=art.

Second, the tag shop=art has 5316 uses, the tag tourism=gallery only
1526. The data indicates that the majority of art galleries (per Max'
definition) have been tagged as shop=art. Conversely, a significant
part of all shop=art objects, are actually art galleries according to
the definition above.

Furthermore, the line between art shop and art gallery might also be
subjective and hard to draw in some cases.

What do you think, would it make sense to try to keep both shop=art
and tourism=gallery? Or should we discourage either of these options
in favour of the other? Or should we come up with new tags?

-- Matthijs

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