[Tagging] Path with permit required for bikes?

Lauri Kytömaa lkytomaa at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 17:30:39 UTC 2016

Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> An important part of the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route now requires cyclists
> to get a permit:
> It's not quite 'bicycle=permissive' - that's generally used to imply that
> bikes are allowed in by goodwill of the landowner but don't have to book,

If we could stick to the original list of values, that does look like
'private' to me: the land owner has the right to ban access and
has used that right, and only those who know they have a
permission from the land owner may use it. "If you don't know
better, you can't cycle there."

The fact that/if they generally don't refuse the individual permit
when applied for in advance (assuming you're a US citizen) isn't
relevant for the actual access/bicycle tag, but should be recorded
with some other tag; your idea of
reservation:bicycle=required is as good as any other so far. Or:

private:bicycle:licence=MCB CAMPEN Bike Route

Which identifies the ways where the permit is valid, and gives
something to search for if nobody starts a site listing contact
points for various licence issuers, and tells the reader that the
tagged licence relates to cycling, and to the fact that a group
of cyclists exists holding licences from the owner of the private
area. I'd guess that the details of who can get a licence and how
fast - not just there but globally in similar situations - are so
complex that at best the ways would have incomplete, unusable
data and consumers would still need to check directly with the
permit issuer to see if they're eligible.

If there's ever a case for overlapping licences, semicolons,
multi value keys and relations can be (again) discussed
ad infinitum.


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