[Tagging] Art galleries/museums

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Thu Feb 11 22:39:44 UTC 2016

On 2016년 01월 25일 23:44, Matthijs Melissen wrote:
> Hi all,
> The wiki defines the tag tourism=gallery as 'an area or typically a
> building that displays a variety of visual art exhibitions' [1]. This
> is an officially approved tag [2]. In addition, the wiki page on
> tourism=museum [3] specifies that art galleries should be tagged as
> tourism=gallery, even if they have 'museum' in the name.

The issue is that according to the wiki museums and contemporary art
galleries are the same thing, yet they are very different things (the
main thing is that the objects are for sale (but it doesn't make it a
shop either!!)

Just look at the picture examples, where the first two are museums, the
last one is a gallery. It's plain wrong to have those in the same
category. If we find this OK we can also tag it with something=art

> However, practice shows that the tag tourism=gallery is not very
> frequently used. We have currently 54 951 instances of tourism=museum,
> versus only 1 505 instances of tourism=gallery. I had a look at some
> famous galleries: the MoMA in New York, the Uffizi in Florence, the
> National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the Van Gogh Museum in
> Amsterdam, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, and the Guggenheim Museum in
> Bilbao. It turned out that all of them are tagged as tourism=museum.

Rightly so. None of them are galleries.

> This might be partly caused by ignorant mappers, but perhaps there is
> also a more fundamental problem. The line between a gallery and a
> museum is not always easy to draw, especially in continental Europe,
> where many museums have both historic and artistic exhibitions
> (compare for instance the Louvre). Also the fact that many galleries
> are called 'museum' does not help.

I see it the opposite way. Many Art Museums call themselves Gallery. But
as I said before, that's a different meaning of the word. We are also
not tagging Galeries Lafayette or Galeria Kaufhof as tourism=gallery

> How should we continue from here? Should we try to improve the tagging
> situation? Or should we discourage tourism=gallery, making it a
> subtype of tourism=museum?

I'd say so.1. depreciate tourism=gallery for museums, make it a subtype
of tourism=museum.
For actual galleries introduce amenity=art_gallery

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