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Sat Feb 13 07:55:21 UTC 2016

this weekend, I visited a “you pick” strawberry farm. As with apples and other fruits, Visiting a rural farm and paying a fee to pick your own fruits, nuts, and other stuff must be popular around the world. I have visited several Apple orchards in the US that do that. In this case, it was “all you can eat in 30 minutes” - not really a take home service like with tangerines or Apples. 

Usually, the farm consists of the orchards, greenhouses, and other areas that are used a farmland year-round, A gift shop that usually is a a roadside stand or small shop (shop=farm) which is open when in-season, but the entire place is usually a singularly named thing. The area where I live is covered with strawberries, tangerines, and apples - and almost all of the rural farms jammed up in the mountains offer this “pick it yourself” service at the farm, usually operated from the gift shop.

How do I tag this kind of farm that is also a seasonal “you-pick” place? The small building that is a shop is easy, but trying to convey that there is a public “you-pick” while in season is very difficult, without making the whole farm seem like it is a shopping mall (landuse=retail seems really wrong). 

The place I have tried tagging (that I visited) is here:

https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/36.39977/139.27089 <https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/36.39977/139.27089>

the name of the gift shop (or the whole farm?) is 近藤農園, and the name of the you-pick service (as I understand it) is いちご狩り情報, which I stuck on a farmland (for now). 

website: http://www.kindness.ne.jp/itigo/access.html <http://www.kindness.ne.jp/itigo/access.html> (in Japanese)

here is another place I went picking for apples. They also sell apples to stores (like a traditional farm). 

https://goo.gl/maps/jwRtcpLpyW82 <https://goo.gl/maps/jwRtcpLpyW82> (Apple Park Yamada)

Roadside fruit stand with self-picking strawberries in another region
https://goo.gl/maps/xWUBpEuoZz82 <https://goo.gl/maps/xWUBpEuoZz82> (中村いちご園 )

How would you tag such a service? shop=* seems wrong for the whole farm, but it might be new value of shop=*, like shop=customer_picks_farm, or something that is put onto the building, or  farm:customer_picks=yes for the shop=farm, as often times the roadside stand doubles as a fruit stand as well, but sometimes they have different names for the farm that packs the goods and sells it to shops, and another for the “you-pick” service.



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