[Tagging] Please don't think name_1 tags are errors.

moltonel 3x Combo moltonel at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 14:26:10 UTC 2016

Hi, I've just reverted http://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/36573638
where the mapper thought that name_1 tags were typos. That user is on
a key typo fixing spree, which is a good thing in itself, even if
mistakes happen.

But I wonder if some people know about the iD editor behavior below,
and assume that a name_1 tag must have been created that way ? If so,
consider this email as a reminder that the _N suffix is used on
purpose by many people. As always, contact the mapper if unsure.

On 09/01/2016, Hakuch <hakuch at posteo.de> wrote:
> **iD-Editor problem**
> unfortunately, the iD-editor is creating such prefixed tags and is
> training newbies to use them as a good tagging practice. When you use
> the raw-tag-editor and tries to add an already existing tag, iD does not
> throw any error or information but adds the tag with a suffixed number
> like _1 or higher.
> It suggests to the unexperienced mapper, that this is a usable method to
> add multiple values, although this suffixing is only made to prevent the
> user of deleting data.
> We still couldn't convince the developer, that this suffixing method
> leads new mappers to bad practice
> (https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/2896).

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