[Tagging] parking for motorcycles AND bicycles

Anders Fougner anders.fougner at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 11:18:44 UTC 2016

We already have something similar in
in order to indicate that a parking is mostly used for people who go 
hiking and/or skiing.
I.e. not for parking of boots and skis...

In other words, if you use bicycle=yes it may not be obvious whether it is:
* a bicycle parking
*a place to park your car when you e.g. come to a "bike park". Which, 
BTW, is not a place to park anything: 


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Den 20.01.2016 11.52, skrev Volker Schmidt:
> We have:
> amenity=parking (which assumes cars as vehicles)
> amenity=motorcycle_parking
> amenity=bicycle_parking
> We are apparently lacking a proper tag for mixed bicycle and 
> motorbicycle parking.
> What about
> amenity=parking
> motorcar=no
> motorcycle=yes
> bicycle=yes
> ?

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