[Tagging] Discussion about Multivalued Keys

markus schnalke meillo at marmaro.de
Wed Jan 27 18:06:51 UTC 2016

[2016-01-27 09:40] Tod Fitch <tod at fitchdesign.com>
> Or, following the example of turn lanes, use semicolon for unordered
> and vertical bar for ordered. It seems to me that a comma might be too
> common a character in real world values to have a special use. While
> an escape mechanism needs to be defined, it would be nice if it were
> seldom needed.

Please try to avoid discussing implementations when discussing

The topic is about the need of an ordering of values, not about
how to implement it. If we constantly fall into the implementation
discussion, then we are constantly forced to deal with the _1 vs. ;
question ... without solving the conceptual question.

It's fully enough to state that one thinks, we need to have both
possibilities -- marking some MV as ordered and some as unordered
-- however that might be represented in the future.

When we agree on the conceptual need, *then* we can and should
discuss implementations.


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