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>> A commercial website is not the same as a dictionary.... Commercial entities can have an interest in not using generic terminology, whereas a dictionary is all about ensuring a common understanding. A "group home" is, to me (UK English native speaker), a phrase consisting of two words, and I can easily imagine what might be meant. It is not (again, to my understanding) an accepted phrase that would deserve its own lemma in an English dictionary or a translation dictionary.
> http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/group-home?q=group+home

OK, thanks Martin, I concede that it is in a dictionary. It adds a bit
of value to the simple juxtaposition of the two words; I would like to
highlight the following key concepts: 

1) the residents are not related, i.e. they do not form a family unit 

2) they are "living together" 

3) they are doing this for "care, support or supervision" 

Points 2 and 3 leave it very open as to how independent their
accommodation is (own street entrance? independent houses? apartments in
a block?)  and what kind of "care, support or supervision" is provided.
What makes it different from a simple apartment complex? Probably the
provision of "care, support or supervision". We just need a system for
this to be classified and tagged in OSM. Is it for the "elderly",
"physically disabled", "mentally ill", "terminally ill", or what? What
communal facilities are there (meals? hairdressers? 24-hour on call
medical staff?)? Is it intended for long-term residency, or for shorter
periods such as recovery/rehabilitation from a specific occurrence
(operation, fall etc), or respite care? 

Obviously we will eventually have to settle on tagging for these
attributes - if anyone wants them in OSM - but that comes after we have
a think about how we decide to model them. Let us not rush to find a
solution to the tagging question before we have explored, understood and
analyzed the subject a bit more. 

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