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2016-07-03 15:57 GMT+02:00 Greg Troxel <gdt at ir.bbn.com>:

> > while the retirement home is a big
> > institutionalized facility, more similar to a hospital (but without
> > the illness, and need for extensive medical care, or it would be a
> > nursing home)
> Around Massachusetts, as far as I can tell, these do not exist.

How would you call this:
http://www.berkretirement.com/LivingOptions/RetirementLiving ?

This kind of facility (retirement home) comes in lots of different styles
and prize/luxury ranges, often these are combined nursing homes (i.e.
according to what you require, you will either have nursing home care or be
able to do more stuff on your own and have more independence). I've been to
a lot of these facilities (as well as hospitals, nursing homes and
psychiatric hospitals etc., in the majority for elderly people) in Germany
some time ago as part of my civil service. The range of what I found there
was huge, from really nice places to almost prison feeling (including bars
on the windows and staircases).

Maybe the example above would fall under "assisted living"? Actually,
researching superficially (or at least not very profoundly) in the web, it
seems as if "assisted_living" is a poorly defined term in general, and can
mean a lot of thinks, including group homes, people living in their own
homes and having someone looking after them from time to time, etc..
The OSM wiki has this definition for at least 5-6 years: "A residential
facility like group_home, but the looked after are more independent (e.g
have own flats). Usually conceived for people with "slight" disabilities
(e.g. residential care home for eldery people)"

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