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wille wille.yyz at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 03:38:17 UTC 2016


I'm new in this discussion list, sorry if this subject was already

I believe we don't have approved tags for non formal education
institutions, like language schools, music and other art schools, etc. I
saw that there are two proposals, one for amenity=music_school and other to
amenity=language_school. On other side we have a proposal of
amenity=training, with an additional tag training=*.

How can I help to accelerate the approval of one of these tags, so our
editor software could support and stimulate the users to map it in a proper

I think amenity=training plus training=* is the better way to map it, but
I'm not sure if training is the best word to describe those places. What do
you think about it?

Best regards,

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