[Tagging] adding sport detail to sport=multi using sport=x; multi

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Mon Jul 11 09:31:49 UTC 2016

> On Jul 11, 2016, at 5:44 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> I admit I have never been a big fan of sport=multi because this is not very useful information if you are looking for something specific.

Sounds great, and long as there is a "free" value. I can think of some different ways to tag it, but an "open" pitch where you can do as you like in a park is pretty common, usually adjacent to a more structured pitch, like a baseball diamond. "Multi" always seemed to me like a field prepared for a couple sports, like a baseball diamond with a soccer or football pitch also lined on it - maybe it's definition is more open than how I perceive it. 


Sometimes  a pitch is defined by what is not allowed.
Most sports pitches in Japan, where you would find soccer or other grass-field sports, often don't allow rugby or American football because of the damage to the turf. It would be nice to say yes/no on a field that has "multi" that this doesn't include rugby. More granular tagging would be very helpful for that. 


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