[Tagging] reviving an abandoned proposal

ael law_ence.dev at ntlworld.com
Sat Jul 23 13:21:12 UTC 2016

On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 12:45:31PM +0000, Alejandro S. wrote:
> Hi,
> IMHO they are the same feature but made by different methods (handmade or
> erosion), maybe we can use cutting=handmade and cutting=hollow_way
> respectively? And let cutting=yes as the general tag.

Well, yes when that is known. Clearly some cases, including examples in
this thread, are obvious. But in most cases the ordinary mapper won't
have a clue. So maybe we need some sort of subtag scheme which 
gives extra information in the rare cases where this is available.

So duck-tagging for the main tag historic = hollow_way, and perhaps
hollow_way=cutting | whatever where there is more information?

OTOH, some of the deep historic cuttings illustrated earlier don't
seem to me to fit the description hollow_way, which was perhaps the


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