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> Please can you explain what trail blaze means?

this is what the dictionary says:

"A mark made on a tree by cutting the bark so as to mark a route."

looking at the images I had come to the impression that it was used also for painted markings and small plates, also the examples they give seem to indicate that cutting the bark of a tree is not the only way to do it:

In this game, a runner or group of runners blazed a trail and marked it by leaving paper markers, or anything else suitable, along the route.
A hare is be given a short head start to blaze a trail, marking his devious way with shreds of paper, soon to be pursued by a shouting pack of harriers.

these are for the word blaze, this is trail:

3A beaten path through the countryside:
country parks with nature trails
easy waymarked trails for the casual walker

3.1A route followed for a particular purpose:
the hotel is well off the tourist trail

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