[Tagging] Request for new tag "natural=upland" (as way) or enabling "way" for "place" tags

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 10:09:40 UTC 2016

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> Il giorno 09 giu 2016, alle ore 18:50, Christoph Hormann <chris_hormann at gmx.de> ha scritto:
> If you can verifiably map a settlement as a linear way you can also map 
> it as an area.  Usually neither is the case so most populated places 
> are mapped as nodes.

I think that most settlements could be mapped as areas, there's often a border where many people would agree that inside is the settlement and outside is not

>  In case of a settlement consisting exclusively of 
> buildings densely located along a road at both sides tagging that 
> stretch of road as place=hamlet or similar might be a good compact way 
> to map it but i have not yet seen a case like this in reality.

I would prefer an area for this case as well, only disadvantages with a line, besides maybe you can draw a line a bit faster than a polygon, but it would still not convey any notion of spatial extension, while a polygon can do exactly this.


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