[Tagging] JOSM preset with strange tag values

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 06:56:22 UTC 2016

On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 7:24 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer
<dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Am 03.03.2016 um 14:41 schrieb Marc Gemis <marc.gemis at gmail.com>:
>> I'l agree that when there are separate tags for rental and repair
>> there is no need for sales=no.
>> Only when you try to bring everything under 1 umbrella the sales=no makes sense.
> I don't see why a place to rent motorcycles should be tagged in a way that facilitates confusion with a place that sells motorcycles. Why would you do this? People look either for the first or the second but almost never they don't care, so a distinction at the top level seems right.

While I don't want to defend the scheme of the preset (you should
contact the author of the preset on why he/she choose that scheme),
there are some benefits with that schema.
With this schema I only need 1 query shop=motorcycle + rental=yes (or
whatever is in the preset) to find all places where you can rent

With the duck tagging, you need the union of 3 "queries"

- one for pure rental places
- one for shop + rental
- one for repair + rental.

Otherwise you might miss places where you can rent a motorcycle. So
the distinction at the top is not useful for this search. The same is
true in case you look for a repair shop, as shops selling motorcycles
usually offer service as well. Hence, the distinction is not always
right imho.

My original comment was just triggered by Martin stating that
sale/sales does not makes sense. It does makes sense in case you merge
all three, But shop=motorcycle is a bad choice in that case. For some
queries it would be nice to have all motorcycle related commercial
activities under 1 tag.
This does not mean that I ask to change the current preferred way of 3
top level tags. I just want to point out that there is a downside on
the current schema (with 3 toplevel tags) as well.



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