[Tagging] shop=marine RFC

Antoine Beaupré anarcat at debian.org
Mon Mar 14 14:02:36 UTC 2016

(Sorry for breaking threads, I only follow the non-MIME digest... :/)

I see that the proposal is generally well received, although the exact
keyword is debated.

I am not sure how to resolve such situations in OSM. It seems like a
classic localisation problem!

For now, I have added the shop=chandler proposal to the wiki page and a
summary of the conversation so far in the comments.

I also found out there is *already* a shop=ship_chandler wiki page,
which I totally overlooked because, like others here, I had no idea what
a chandler meant.

Disclaimer: I am a young sailor in Québec, Canada (so on the west side
of the Atlantic), and my native tongue is french, yet I consider myself
to be bilingual. But I still "learned the ropes" in french... For me,
marine shop is more meaningful than "chandler" or even "ship_chandler",

We still have two weeks before I proceed with the voting, so keep those
suggestions coming.

In particular, I am wondering if we shouldn't just focus on the more
popular shop=boat tag and avoid the "marine vs chandler" debate
altogether, by adding boat shops specific fields..?

I am not sure what those would be, unfortunately... But it now seems
very clear that a cleanup of those tags is in order, because there's at
least three different ways of mapping those!

Thanks for the feedback!

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