[Tagging] AirBnB

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 07:12:11 UTC 2016

On Sat, 19 Mar 2016 00:38:05 -0500
"Shawn K. Quinn" <skquinn at rushpost.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 2016-03-19 at 11:41 +0700, Dave Swarthout wrote:
> > I'm looking for a consistent way to tag AirBnB locations.
> The only authoritative source for the houses currently offered on
> Airbnb is Airbnb itself.

That is untrue. For cases where signs are placed by owner it is fairly
easy to find such locations during survey.

For cases where owner put no signs of any kind I would respect
this decision and do no map such location (it applies to regions where
putting signs is typically done by owners of guest houses or similar

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