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first, those internationally unknown volcanoes in Russia won't compete with your Japanese mountains, because they're too far away, what I suggested was aimed at deciding locally what to show/label, not necessarily compare significance on a global level.

> Right next to Mt Fuji is a collapsed volcano and caldera called Mt Hakone https://goo.gl/maps/hNSC9NwsHg42 . it is very short now, and not nearly as prominent as nearby Mt Ashitaka or (of course) Mt Fuji.

the fact that it is a volcano might already come into play when deciding what to render/label

> But Hakone is a very famous place - though it’s height and prominence would say otherwise. People all over Japan (and many international tourists) come there buy eggs cooked in sulfurous vents and enjoy the hot spring resorts inside the caldera. 

I'd say: tourism=attraction for this volcano (admittedly another way of saying important=yes), the presence of the resorts also indicates importance. Is this checkable automatically? Not sure (of course you can check for this if you know what you're looking for, but a different place might have completely different reasons to be "important")


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