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> You actually already have all the data you need, and it's on Wikidata. Just look at the number of articles about each peak, and render them according to that. More articles=rendered at lower zooms. Problem solved, and you don't have to put vague tags in OSM. 

this might be a good solution for ordering the mountains at a national or international level. 

but It doesn’t work very well (probably at all) for provincial level, unless all mountains except for the ones on the wikidata get rendered in at Z15. 

This means we have to have all regionally important mountains in wikidata. 

On the lower end, we also need something for filtering out lumps - the little named hills or tiny sub-peaks.

Where I Lived in San Diego, the flat places all had names (mesas, bluffs, etc), and the large mountains all had names - but it was easy to deal with, as they were all rather large. 

Here in rural Japan, the mountains are a never-ending collection of steep, jagged, odd shaped hills and little tiny lumps rising from the long sloping sides of dead volcanos (they are the tops of buried mountains).  and every lump, every bump, and every collection of bumps has a name. I have seen the local hand drawn map for my area, and the the level of naming detail is a magnitude greater than what I saw in the US. 

it’s like what if every road lane had a name, and then the road had a different name. it is just so many names for such tiny things - but OSM only supported naming roads. 

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