[Tagging] Recycling Containers with opening_hours or service_times

Thorsten Alge lists at thorsten-alge.de
Sun Mar 27 15:20:21 UTC 2016


I was wondering about the tagging for recycling containers. In Germany
they have defined times in which it is allowed to use them to prevent
noise pollution.

Often the opening_hours-tag is used for that. Sometimes also
service_times and in some cases collection_times which is for another
purpose (the time when they are emptied).

Since opening_hours suggests that the container is somehow closed
outside the designated hours of business I'd personally prefer
service_times for that. But since opening_hours is way more often used,
it might be better to use that one. None of them is documented in the
wiki page. What do you think is best?

Usage world-wide for opening_hours on containers is 823 and
service_times 59.



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