[Tagging] Suggested way to map disputed country borders

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Fri May 6 12:35:25 UTC 2016


The subject of disputed country borders came up on help.osm.org
again[1], specifically about India and the Kashmir area. There might be
a way to solve this issue. Currently OSM tags the de facto country
borders. But what if we also mapped the borders of country X according
to country Y?

In this case, you could map "the border of India according to India",
and "the border of Pakistan according to India", and "the border of
Pakistan according to Pakistan" and "the border of India according to
Pakistan". The "border of country X according to country Y" is
unambiguous, just check what country Y claims.

Then, if someone wants to make a map aimed for country X, we can tell
them they can just draw "country borders according to country X, and if
that doesn't exist, use regular borders".

This is similar to multilingual names, where name:YY is "The name of X
in language YY". One suggested approach to draw maps in another language
is to load it all in postgres, then do a SQL query to change the names.
The same approach could work with country border. "Import with
osm2pgsql, then run this query"

What's the best way to tag this? boundary:claimed=administrative
admin_level:claimed=2 claimed_by=IN name=Pakistan ISO3166-1=PK for
"boundary of Pakistan claimed by India"

Having a subkey of boundary=administrative administrative=claimed is
subpar IMO, because many applications look for boundary=administrative
admin_level=2 to get all countries, and they would break.

Thoughts? Feedback? Praise?



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