[Tagging] Proper Tag for Not-a-Roundabout

Bill Ricker bill.n1vux at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 16:01:16 UTC 2016

On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 9:30 AM, Daniel Hofmann <hofmann at mapbox.com> wrote:
> 4/ Not-a-Roundabout (what this post is about)
> There are situations where one of the entering road has right of way, which
> disqualifies the scenario for being classified as a roundabout. The Wiki has
> a section on these Not-a-Roundabouts:

One hopes arm-chair mappers not fluent in German will keep hands off,
or use translate.google, when they see a Note in German.

Then there's the classic roundabout / rotary / traffic circle that
straddles a state boundary in USA; in one state, vehicles already in
the rotary have right of way, and in the other state, vehicles
entering have right of way. (Even though the latter isn't scalable at
all, unless flow is strongly diurnal, it's their law from early
motoring era.) I don't recall which two states. One can hope it's
been modernized but i can't remember where to check ...

Bill Ricker
bill.n1vux at gmail.com

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