[Tagging] Busways

Tobias Wrede list at tobias-wrede.de
Thu Nov 10 12:49:49 UTC 2016

Am 06.11.2016 um 10:15 schrieb Tijmen Stam:
> On 06-11-16 02:30, Mark Wagner wrote:
>> How sure are you that the situations are similar?  A bus-only driveway
>> giving access to a transit center and a bus-only road through a city
>> are both "access=no, psv=designated", but they're not similar sorts of
>> things.
> Not at all. But in Europe (the Netherlands, Germany, France) the 
> practice seems to be (from my inspection) to tag busways as 
> highway=service (with appropriate tags) 

Actually, the only busway coming to my mind around here (Cologne area) 
is tagged as hw=residential and has been since the beginning. It's in 
shape and appearance a continuation of a proper (normal access) 
hw=residential into a hw=primary through a small stretch of wood.

Then I looked around with overpass turbo a bit (looking for vehicle=no 
and bus=yes or psv=yes). You are right, many cases are tagged with 
hw=service. Then again many of those are indeed service ways as they 
give access to bus stops.

Of proper busways still many are tagged with hw=service but as many also 
with hw=residential. Of the former I would have tagged many as hw=x_link 
or hw=residential myself.

Cheers, Tobias

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