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Tijmen Stam mailinglists at iivq.net
Mon Nov 21 19:56:21 UTC 2016

On 21-11-16 09:02, joost schouppe wrote:
> Upon further thought on this subject which doubtlessly keeps all of you
> out of your sleep, here's a short analysis with my conclusion:
> dog_toilet:
> plus: it is very clear what it means, even for non-native speakers
> min: * we would need cat_toilet, hamster_toilet etc over time.
> * technically, a toilet is something to sit down on, made out of
> porcelain with a flushing system etc. So technically, a dog "toilet"
> isn't a toilet.

* That is a water closet you're talking about

A toilet can be a bucket or just two steps with a hole in the floor. Or 
to be more correct: the toilet originally was a table with mirror where 
a women could dress up. This evolved into a private dressing room for a 
woman, where bathing as also often done, then toilets were installed in 
those, then into the toilet room, after which the toilet (bowl) got the 

> potty_area:
> plus: easily expandable to show which animals are welcomed
> min: it's eufemistic babytalk, not as descriptive, especially for
> non-native speakers
> pet_relief_area:
> plus: easily expandable
> min: "relief" is very eufemistic, and doesn't even show up in many
> dictionaries as associated with defecation. Non-natives might easily
> think this is something completely different
> So I would like to propose a completely new value: amenity=pet_toilet.


I happened to come across one this weekend (never saw one before), 
wanted to add a photo to the proposal but the wiki refuses editing atm.

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