[Tagging] How might we best map emergency helicopter landing zones?

Alberto Nogaro bartosomail at yahoo.it
Tue Nov 22 14:52:51 UTC 2016

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>aeroway=helipad should be used only for built-up infrastructure, not for
>emergency places that have a different use normally.
>An emergency landing place is nothing but a predefined clear space, it could
>be a soccer pitch or a big lawn in a park in normal situations.

I'm confused by the latest edits on the aeroway=helipad and emergency=landing_site wiki pages. I had always thought that "a large H painted on it visible from the air" was enough to mark the spot as aeroway=helipad, even if the place is mainly conceived for emergency purposes. And that emergency=landing_site had to be used for places without any marking, just flat and suitable for landing (either by airplanes and helicopters). Now it looks like a large visible and permanent H, as a "predefined" but not a "purpose-built infrastructure", should rather be marked as emergency=landing_site? And what about places which have nothing more than a visible and permanent H, but can also be used for purposes different from an emergency (for example, supply materials not transportable by other means)? Furthermore, how do we specify if an emergency=landing_site is conceived for helicopters or airplanes as well?


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