[Tagging] How might we best map emergency helicopter landing zones?

Alberto Nogaro bartosomail at yahoo.it
Wed Nov 23 00:41:08 UTC 2016

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>As we just learned from the Korean mountains example, some light markings
>of a pre-planned emergency site does not constitute a helipad.
>Maybe the "purpose-built" goes a bit to far and causes misunderstanding, but
>I would consider a helipad to have some regular use, e.g. to receive hospital
>patients, to serve a country's president or the CEO of a large company, etc.

Ah, now it's clearer to me, I had not considered the regular use condition for the helipad. Since I'm mostly dealing with spots on the mountains, which are marked with an H, and are conceived only for emergencies or for otherwise very infrequent use (for example, to resupply a hut a few times a year) I now understand that the correct tagging should then be emergency=landing_site, maybe with an additional landing_site=marked.


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