[Tagging] railway=rail vs. railway=subway

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Wed Nov 23 23:49:01 UTC 2016

Michael Tsang <miklcct at gmail.com> writes:

>> I don't follow this.  light rail is about the cars being lighter and
>> perhaps the rails being built to a lower weight limit, and it isn't
>> about grade crossings.  Around me there is real rail with fll-sized
>> enginers and is fully freight capable that has level crossings.
>> Definteliy not light_rail because of crossings.
> I should clarify that the level crossing of light rails should be not actively 
> protected, i.e. do not have fences which come down before the train passes. 
> One of the major criteria between tram / light rail and metro / full-size 
> train is the ability to run within other traffic.

I think that's mostly accurate, but I think the real difference is in
the nature of the vehicle and the protection differences follow.

> Do you have any examples where a freight train have to wait for a red light at 
> a street intersection, or runs on a stretch of street with motor traffic?

I do not.   Around me, real rail has grade crossings, but protected with
at least blinking red lights and usually crossing arms, and trains have
right of way.

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