[Tagging] bus route with reversing

Svavar Kjarrval svavar at kjarrval.is
Fri Sep 2 20:20:16 UTC 2016

On fös 2.sep 2016 14:07, André Pirard wrote:
> On 2016-09-02 15:19, Jo wrote:
>> The way I understand this, no explicit tagging is needed. You could have
>> aBBc
>> Where c is the service way of the terminal.
> I think that, just like within a plain highway, using the same node
> (B) twice in succession makes no sense.
> I bet that JOSM won't be happy about it.
 JOSM doesn't allow the user to add any repeats at all. Fortunately, it
doesn't remove repeats which were already there.

- Svavar Kjarrval

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