[Tagging] Typo fix for tunnel=building_passage and how to proceed in the future

ajt1047 at gmail.com ajt1047 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 13:35:33 UTC 2016

On 10/09/2016 11:42, LeTopographeFou wrote:
> I've noticed several typo errors in tag values. I would like to fix 
> them when it is obvious.

let's try that again but without pressing "send" instead of "edit" :)

In the case of "tunnel=buildig_passage" it's pretty obvious what the 
previous mapper meant.

The only caveat I'd add (which you may not have mentioned only because 
it's so obvious) is to check that the thing that you're fixing plausibly 
matches a building passage - if someone's drawn a doodle in the middle 
of the Atlantic and added a "tunnel=building_passage" tag I'd just 
delete it rather than "fixing" the tag.

When I did something similar to odd "barrier" values in the UK a little 
while ago there was a roughly 3-way split - in a third it was obvious 
what the mapper had meant, so I just fixed those; in another third it 
wasn't, so I messaged the previous mapper or added a note, and in 
another third the source was just "Bing" and the mapper wasn't active 
any more so I just used my idea of what the imagery suggested to me.



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